Applied Haptics Laboratory

Based on mechatronics and social science, this laboratory aims: 1) to observe and quantify haptic perception and experience; 2) to design and develop human interfaces that modify human behavior. Haptics is trending field in the area of emerging digital media. However, because of the relatively short research history, there are a number questions to be explored in haptics. For example, you may feel good when you are touched by a person you like although you may not feel good when touched by a person you do not like even though the stimuli are physically identical (the context may partially affect the experience). In addition, because there are no universal haptic sensors / displays / monitor and microphone / speaker, we need to design and develop them based on purposes. In such a challenging field, the laboratory performs applied research to offer explore and answer the key questions in haptics. Our interests include, are but not limited to, human-computer interactions such as VR/AR and human-human interactions such as interpersonal touch.

Joining Lab

This laboratory was established in January 2020. If you are interested in joining this laboratory, contact Hachisu via e-mail. In the mail, please describe: 1) when and how you want to join the lab; and 2) what kind of research you want to do  (e.g., your research interests). I will arrange online meetings if it is needed.

E-mail: hachisu[at]
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Tel: +81-29-853-5351


Last update: Apr. 14, 2023