Applied Haptics Laboratory

Based on mechatronics and social science, this laboratory aims: 1) to observe and quantify haptic perception and experience; 2) to design and develop human interfaces that modify human behavior. Haptics is trending field in the area of emerging digital media. However, because of the relatively short research history, there are a number questions to be explored in haptics. For example, you may feel good when you are touched by a person you like although you may not feel good when touched by a person you do not like even though the stimuli are physically identical (the context may partially affect the experience). In addition, because there are no universal haptic sensors / displays / monitor and microphone / speaker, we need to design and develop them based on purposes. In such a challenging field, the laboratory performs applied research to offer explore and answer the key questions in haptics. Our interests include, are but not limited to, human-computer interactions such as VR/AR and human-human interactions such as interpersonal touch.

Joining Lab

This laboratory was established in January 2020 (a very new laboratory). If you are interested in my laboratory, i.e., haptics, wearable devices, and human-computer interactions, please contact me via e-mail. I will arrange online meetings.

E-mail: hachisu[at]
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Tel: +81-29-853-5351


Last update: Nov. 18, 2020